Personal Self-Storage in Loveland, Colorado

At our safe and secure storage facility in Loveland, Colorado, we have 12 sizes of storage units for rent, including 3 large sizes with tall doors.

We’ve owned and operated this facility for the past 24 years. For security, we have over 50 cameras throughout our self-storage facility, as well as electronic gates that can allow 24/7 self-storage access.

We offer a month to month storage unit rentals. It’s the perfect solution if you’re between houses or apartments, living with friends or family, or simply uncertain what your next move will be!

Our storage units are great for storing:

  • furniture (including couches, TVs, beds, mattresses, and dressers)
  • washers and dryers
  • household items
  • equipment and tools
  • supplies for hobbies
  • motorcycles
  • seasonal items

Whether you need storage space on a monthly rental basis or would prefer a long-term storage unit lease, J & B Storage can accommodate you!

Please note: Our storage facility is located on the south end of Loveland, at 14th and Grant.

For more information on residential/personal storage, please give us a call.


Call: (970) 203-9078