Here at J & B Storage, we value our clients’ business. That’s why we provide premium storage facilities. It’s why we’ve built our self-storage facility to allow for 24-hour access. It’s why the whole lot is paved. And it’s why we provide discounts for long term renters.

It’s also why we’re ecstatic to provide numerous safety and security implements throughout the facilities. We know how much you value your property, and we’re dedicated to ensuring that it stays safe. That’s why we’ve installed cameras, lighting, a secure electronic gate system, and why we provide on-site management and security.

Our Cameras & Lighting

Day and night, our cameras are rolling. We capture and record footage of our facilities through different camera angles so that we can capture any trespassers or illegal activity. We’ve also installed lighting throughout the complex to ensure that our video captures are crystal clear, even at night.

Our Security Gate System

We’ve installed a coded electronic gate that only allows access to those who have a storage unit within the facilities. This ensures that we keep the riff-raff out. It also allows for 24-hour access to your storage unit.

On-Site Management & Security

The owners here at J & B live on-site! That means added security and management, and it means a speedy response, should something happen.

J & B Storage is synonymous with security. We provide 24-hour self-storage units that are completely safe and secure, all right here in Loveland. If you’re further curious about the security on the property, or if you’d like to rent a unit, get in touch with us!