Whether you’ve run out of wall space or you simply need to store your prized art collection as you move from home to home, you want to ensure that your precious possessions don’t get damaged while they’re in storage. Here at J & B Storage of Loveland, we understand how much you value your belongings, especially those valued pieces of art that you’ve accumulated. That’s why we’ve cataloged a list of tips that you can employ to ensure that your art doesn’t get damaged while it’s here in our self-storage facility. Feel free to use our advice to make sure that your art stays safe and sound as it rests in one of our storage units! And if you’re ready to put your precious art pieces in storage, don’t hesitate to give us a call for a quote!

Keep It Upright

While you may be tempted to keep your artwork horizontal, since keeping it upright may place stress on the frame of a piece, it’s best to keep your artwork vertical while it is stored. Store your pieces in the same orientation as they would be hung. This won’t cause wear and tear on the canvas, paper, or other media of the piece, since it was created to be positioned that way. We recommend designating a space up against a wall in your storage unit, so that you can lean your pieces against the wall, keeping them fairly vertical.

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Provide Plenty of Space

Since your artwork may be easily damaged, especially if you accidentally send a chair leg or a coffee table corner bashing into your pieces, you should give yourself plenty of space to prevent these accidents. Keep other items a foot or two away from your artwork, and, if possible, move your pieces into the unit last as you’re storing your belongings, and first as you’re removing your belongings. That way, you’ll reduce the odds that you accidentally puncture or scrape into a piece that you cherish.

Move Carefully

This one goes without saying, but we’ll list it anyway. Be cautious as you move your artwork. If you have heavy pieces, get a helper to lighten the load. Or, if you’re worried about moving your pieces yourself, you can hire a professional outfit to make the move for you. Also, if you’re especially concerned about your pieces, you can invest in temporary insurance, so that you can rest assured you’ll be compensated if anything should happen to your art. If you are moving your artwork yourself, be sure to invest in gloves that are textured, so your hands won’t slip as you pick up each piece. In addition, you should wrap your artwork with a protective cover before you begin to move it — more on that below.

Cover Your Art, and Build a Framework If Necessary

Cover your art with acid-free paper. This type of paper won’t damage your piece (as long as it’s dry!), so you can use it as a protective layer. Cover the front and back of your artwork, or enclose the whole piece with the paper if you’d like. Covering the whole piece with a layer of paper is a good idea since it should keep moths away (as long as the paper doesn’t get punctured or become wet). You can buy a roll for a reasonable price.

Take note, you shouldn’t use plastic to cover your pieces since plastic can trap moisture which can invite mold which will damage your artwork. Paper is a bit more breathable, which will keep fresh air circulating around the piece.

Don’t Stack

You should never stack anything on top of your artwork. In addition, you should be cautious if you have pieces leaning against each other. If you do opt to lean pieces against each other, be sure that the frames of your pieces are resting against the frames of other pieces — never the artwork itself. Also, you can use cardboard or foam between your pieces’ frames to keep them from being damaged while they rest in storage.

Secure Storage From J & B

When you need to stow away your artwork and valuables for a time, you can always count on the secure, easily accessible self-storage units here at J & B Storage. We’re conveniently located here in south Loveland, and we provide 24/7 access to our facility via our camera-monitored security gate. If you’d like to learn more or to get the process started, feel free to reach out to us to learn about our rates and storage unit sizes.