Every day unfolds differently than the last. And as surprise after surprise sweeps through your life, you may find that you need certain items, and other things just get in the way. We strive to cut out the clutter in our lives, but there’s only so much you can do with organizing the spaces in your home. When you find that your cabinets are overflowing, your closets are full to the brim, your shelves creak under the weight of their contents, and your drawers are full of junk, it’s time to get organized and it’s time to put your stuff in storage. Using storage gives you that extra bit of wiggle room. It gives you that space that you need as the days change and seasons turn. Stay versatile and cut clutter with self-storage from J & B Storage of Loveland!

Vacation Items

You have 14 suitcases, each in varying sizes and colors. You have your travel kits for toiletries. You have your special swimsuits for your Hawaiian vacation. You have your ice pick for your Alaskan adventures. After years of building up vacation supplies, your closet finally bursts. It’s time to tuck your vacation items away into storage; and J & B Storage is the self-storage facility that you can count on.

Your Camping Garb & Gear

Your tent, your tarps, your firewood, your camping grill, your backpack, your thermos, your sleeping bag, your sleeping pad, and your boots have all been sitting in the corner of your basement. They’ve been sitting there for two summers now, and they’ve collapsed onto the pool table that you and your children used to cherish. Store those camping supplies, save yourself the headache, and regain the family pastime, your pool table.

More on the versatility that self-storage provides in our next blog!