Stay Versatile With J&B Storage Part II

In our last blog, we’d pointed out that clutter can compile and wreak havoc in your home. As you seek dark corners to stow away your vacation items and your camping gear, you realize that you’re suffocating in the ever-rising tide of stuff around your home. It’s all stuff that you cherish, but it’s stuff that you simply don’t use every day. Fortunately, you can rely on the self-storage units here at J & B Storage of Loveland. We provide you with the space you need to remain versatile in your life.

Your Seasonal Stuff

Seasonal stuff is just that: seasonal. When winter rolls around, you’ll have to find a place to keep your patio furniture, the cooler, the grill supplies, the slip-and-slide, the softball gear, the soccer gear, the tennis gear (okay, pretty much all of your sports gear, except for your skis and snowboards of course). Then there’s the clothing. You have six winter coats (each was hand-picked to match with your six pairs of boots); you have eight sun hats (which really is inexplicable at this point), and you have four rain jackets (which is a bit excessive for Colorado you admit). You need a place to store these items in the off-season, and you can count on J & B Storage to alleviate your home of the burden.

Collection of Toys on the floor

Kid’s Toys & Clothes

If you have a six-year-old as well as a bun in the oven, you’ll have a lot of toys and hand-me-downs that’ll be useful, but there’s a six-year gap between your children. What to do with those toys and clothes? Stick them in storage as your newborn turns into a tot and your tyke turns into a teen. Problem solved.

Regain your home, and maintain your versatility with self-storage from J & B Storage. Our storage facilities are accessible 24-7! We’re conveniently located near highways 287 and 402 in Loveland! Call today to get rates on our storage units.