Here at J&B Storage, we provide secure self-storage units in Loveland that are perfect for keeping your valuables safe. Whether you utilize your storage unit in between moves or you keep it as a permanent place for extra space, keeping your storage unit organized will make it much easier to access your belongings as needed.

Check out these quick tips for how to keep your storage unit organized.

#1: Make Sure You Label Boxes

Before you move any boxes into your storage unit, be sure they are properly labeled. Stacking a bunch of unlabeled boxes onto each other and hoping you remember what was in them later will make it extremely difficult to find what you need down the road. While you might hope your memory is great, odds are good that you will wind up forgetting what you packed where.

Clearly label the outside of every box with some quick details. This doesn’t need to be an extensive list, but make it simple to see which box corresponds with particular items.

#2: Create an Inventory

The best way to ensure you know exactly what you have in your storage unit at all times is to write out a detailed inventory list. You can then correspond numbers on your list to numbers on the outside of boxes.

For example, you might have a set of pots, pans, knives, plates, and cups in one kitchen box. Label the box “Kitchen Supplies #1”. On your inventory list, write out each specific item in the box with detailed descriptions. Add next to the item the corresponding box title. This inventory will ensure that you never forget what you already own in your storage unit. It will also make it extremely simple to access what you need the moment you need it.

#3: Invest in Shelving

While you can’t install permanent shelves in your storage unit, you can add in temporary shelving. Purchase some easy-to-assemble shelves and place them along the walls of your unit. This will make it easier to stack items that aren’t in boxes, keeping them organized and easy to see.

Shelving can also prevent you from cluttering the walkways. This makes it much easier to get to items in the back of your storage unit without needing to pull out every single item in front to access things.

#4: Rent Adequate Space

No matter how organized you are, if you don’t rent a big enough storage unit, you will never be able to navigate the space. If you are cramming things on top of each other, burying items far in the back under a pile of clutter, there is no way you can easily access your belongings as needed. Upgrading to a bigger storage unit will allow you to quickly walk through the space, picking out the items you want.

Make sure that you have enough room to stack items along the walls with adequate space to walk through the unit. Create a simple walkway throughout the storage space, allowing you to quickly access even items far in the back of the unit.

Secure, Affordable Storage

If you are looking for a storage unit here in Loveland to keep your belongings safe, we invite you to stop by our storage facility to learn more about the units we offer. We can help you pick the perfect space to keep your belongings organized and safe. Whether you are putting up extra decorations or you want some more closet space, we offer a storage unit to meet your needs. Stop by our facility today or contact us for more information about our available storage units — we can give you a quick quote right away!