If you have upholstered furniture taking up space in your home, then you might feel a bit compressed. But you can’t just throw out that heirloom couch from your great grandmother or the Lazyboy that’s perfectly broken-in. Storage is the only solution. Now, you may be wary of storing your favorite furnishings, since they can be damaged if you don’t do it right. So, how do you ensure that your upholstered furniture is stored properly? How do you keep pests and mold from making your cherished pieces of furniture into their habitat? Well, we have a few tips that you can employ to ensure that your furniture doesn’t get damaged during its stay in our storage facility. Here are some tips that you can employ to protect your upholstered furniture — as provided by J & B Storage of Loveland.

Store It Clean

While you may think that cleaning your furniture before it goes into storage isn’t necessary, it’s actually a good idea to prevent pests (like moths) from making a home in your furniture. In addition, proper cleaning will reduce the chance that your furniture gets mold or mildew while it is in storage since the upholstery will be sanitized. Follow recommendations from the manufacturer of your furniture for proper cleaning techniques and the right cleaning products to keep your furniture free from damage.

Cover, But Don’t Seal Your Furnishings

Once your furniture is clean (and dry if you’re using a liquid cleaner!), you can stow it in your unit and place a cover on it to keep dust from settling on your furniture. You can usually use a blanket or sheet to cover your furniture, depending on the item at hand — you may want to invest in moth repellent if you use fabric to cover your furniture. Now, you shouldn’t use plastic to cover your furniture, since it can trap moisture and create an ideal environment for mold to grow. Instead, stick with something that is breathable.

Move Carefully

Furniture is heavy, it has sharp corners, and it can be easy to send your furniture into a wall, damaging your home and the piece itself. So, you should take extra caution when moving your furniture. If your furniture is too heavy, consider hiring some helpers or a professional crew to help you with the move. If your furniture has sharp corners, then you can tape on a few sections of cardboard to protect these hazardous edges. You should also invest in a dolly (or rent one) to move furniture up and down stairs or through tight spaces. You can also invest in furniture sliders that will make moving a breeze while protecting the legs of your pieces.

Refrain From Stacking

While it’s okay to stack light items on your furniture, or even heavy items if you’re placing them on a strong, sturdy, well-protected table, you should be wary that these items can cause damage if you’re not careful. If you’re particularly concerned about a cherished piece of furniture, then keep from stacking your belongings on this piece throughout the movie. You may have to invest in a larger storage unit to keep from damaging your pieces, but you can rest assured that your furniture will remain in great shape.

Store Your Furniture Securely With J & B

With J & B Storage, storing your furniture and other belongings couldn’t be easier. Our Loveland-based self-storage units are accessible 24/7 from our secure, camera-monitored gate. We have well-lit facilities and security cameras that constantly monitor the space, so you can rest easy knowing that your belongings are protected. If you’re ready to get started, simply reach out to us to learn about our rates and storage unit sizes.