When folks are on the move, they often sell, give away, or trash many of their belongings. And that makes sense, especially if you’re downsizing your home. However, there are some merits to storing your belongings, instead of selling or donating them (or sending them to the landfill!). Here are some benefits to storing your items instead of letting them go — and of course, you can always store your belongings here at our self-storage facility in Loveland!

Give Yourself a Window of Reflection

If you’re in a rush to uproot and move to a new home, it’s wise to give yourself a window of reflection to assess the value of your belongings. While you might be angsty to just toss everything on a trailer and send it to the dump, remember that you might just be wasting perfectly useful items. Rent a storage space for a month, make your move to your new abode, and see if you need any of the items that you’ve placed in storage. You might be surprised at what you’d like to keep around!

Give Yourself Time to Sell

If you have items that are valuable, but you can’t currently find a buyer, it’s still in your best interest to keep those belongings until you can sell them. While you’ll have to rent out a storage space, the value of your belongings can far outweigh the cost of storing those items. If you’re giving away your goods, or simply considering selling them for a price that’s far below their value, it might be more profitable to rent a space, and then sell your property once the right buyer comes along.

Keep Heirlooms & Useful Items for Your Family

Everyone has keepsakes that are especially valuable. If you don’t have space for these invaluable items at a new home, you don’t have to get rid of them! Let’s say, for instance, that your carpenter grandfather has passed down his set of master-crafted furniture, and your grandmother left her collection of porcelain tea sets. Even if you don’t have room for these items in your home, you don’t have to abandon your heirlooms.

Next, think about all of the gear, garb, and goods that your family uses from time to time. While you may not be able to stow all of your camping gear in your new home (especially the six-person tent and the blow-up raft), you can still keep some of your favorite items in a storage unit. Plus, with self-storage, access to your favorite family items is easy. Just share the combo, storage number, and key to your unit with your loved ones.

Rent a Storage Space at J & B Storage

When you’re in between homes, you can count on the convenient, safe storage that we have available here at J & B Storage. Rent out a storage unit that’s perfectly suited to your needs. We have a variety of storage sizes so that you don’t overpay to keep your belongings on our secure lot. Learn more about our storage units, and if you’re ready to get started, you can get a free quote from us today! We’re located in south Loveland near the intersections of highways 287 and 402.