As a business grows, storage eventually becomes an issue. At J&B secure self-storage in Loveland, we can help with all of your commercial storage needs.

Store Documents

A major consideration for a business today is the length of time that documents must be saved. For sensitive information regarding your business, it is the general rule of thumb that all documents should be kept for six years. Six years’ worth of documents can be large enough to create storage issues. Let us evaluate your needs and recommend a space that is secure and easily accessible 24 hours a day.

Equipment Storage Solutions

Landscaping companies generally have specialized equipment for each season. Snow shovels and blowers, rakes and leaf blowers, mowers and trimmers. When the seasons change and you want to protect the valuable equipment a storage unit could be the most viable solution. Storing landscaping equipment where it’s unprotected from the elements can lead to costly repair bills at the least opportune time. We can recommend an indoor storage solution that will keep your equipment out of the elements and secure.

Inventory Storage Management

To establish an on-demand inventory system, a retailer needs to have enough product on hand to accommodate projected sales. This inventory needs to be stored somewhere and J&B is the local storage company that can be safely accessed 24 hours a day. Your inventory could consist of grass seed or artisan toilet paper. Regardless, we can recommend the proper size and configuration of a storage unit to keep your livelihood safe.

Regardless of your demands, we’d be happy to provide you with a commercial storage unit that fits any and all items that need to be stowed away — reach out to us to reserve your commercial storage space!