Self-storage facilities are popping up all over Colorado to give us that extra bit of storage space we need for all of our belongings. But even though storage facilities are a fairly common sight nowadays, there are still a surprising number of people who are allowing themselves to fall prey to myths and misconceptions surrounding self-storage. J&B Storage of Loveland is here with all the details to put those myths to rest once and for all.

Self-storage units are expensive, aren’t they?

This really depends on what types of items you are storing and for how long. Smaller spaces can cost as much as your daily cup of coffee. But if you have a large amount of stuff or if you have valuable items, you might need to upgrade or find units that have climate control. Those types of upgrades will cost a bit more. But on average, self-storage units are an affordable way to protect your belongings.

I don’t need self-storage because I’m not a hoarder.

While it is true that a self-storage unit does allow people to hang onto items a bit longer than they may have otherwise, it is unfair to generalize this service and the people who have made the decision to use it in this manner. In fact, more often than not, self-storage is a valuable asset for people who are in-between homes or are in the process of changing their living arrangements. They are also perfectly suited to military personnel or traveling business professionals who need to have a safe space to keep their belongings while they are deployed or traveling.

Self-storage isn’t a secure enough place for my valuable stuff!

This is the most common and prevalent myth about self-storage. The reality though is that self-storage is safe and secure. At J&B Storage in Loveland, our facility is fenced, lighted, and has security cameras throughout the complex. We also have electronic gates that monitor access 24/7. When you get right down to it, it is likely that self-storage units are actually better protected than many people’s homes.

J&B Storage has provided Loveland with safe self-storage units and business storage for over 20 years. We have over 500 storage units available in 12 sizes throughout our facility. Contact us today to learn more or drop by and visit us!