Last time, we examined some of the common myths surrounding self-storage. If you missed it, here is a brief recap:

  • Self-storage isn’t as expensive as most people believe. In fact, it can be a reasonably affordable option for storing your belongings.
  • Self-storage isn’t just for hoarders; it is a great option for people who do a lot of traveling or are in between living arrangements.
  • Self-storage is more safe and secure than most people think. 24/7 surveillance and gated entrances go a long way towards keeping your belongings safe.

Today, we are going to go to town on a few more of the myths and misconceptions that people commonly believe about self-storage units.

Self-storage units are not clean.

While this might certainly be true for some self-storage facilities, it is generally a bad enough business practice that most facilities will do everything in their power to keep their units clean. Think about it, business is dependent on customers choosing that facility, and it is very likely that customer interest would evaporate rather quickly upon the discovery that the unit is filthy.

But I need access to my stuff at any time!

Some people worry that by storing their belongings in a storage unit that they won’t be able to have access to them when they need to. But some storage facilities, like J&B Storage, offer 24/7 access so that you can get to your stuff whenever you need it.

The only stuff getting stored in storage units is just junk.

Well, actually, the items most often kept in storage units is furniture. For people who need to move often–think college students, military personnel, etc.–it may not be possible to take all of the furniture along for the ride.

No matter what your storage needs, J&B Storage has the right unit for you. We have been serving Loveland, Colorado for over 20 years, and we have the experience and know-how to provide you with a safe and affordable space to store your belongings. Contact us today to learn more!